Using Customer Coupons add-on

Customer Coupons add-on does not have any global settings, so after installing and activating the add-on add or edit your automation. The add-on is a part of ShopMagic PRO.

Let's say that you want to send a unique customer coupon as a thank you for reviewing a product. We will use this example below, however, you can create coupons for any other event, not only for product reviews.

Creating the automation

  1. Use the Review Published event.
  2. Configure the Send Email action.
  3. Create a template coupon following the instructions below.
  4. Place the placeholder in your message.

Creating the template coupon

You have to create a new private coupon in WooCommerce which will be a template for a new unique customer coupon.

  1. In your WordPress admin, go to menu: MarketingCouponsAdd Coupon.

  2. Enter a code and description for your coupon. For example a code: review20 and description: ShopMagic: 20% coupon for reviewing a product: template-coupon-code-description

  3. Make the coupon private. It is very important, because ShopMagic will only use private coupons as templates. Apart from that you will make sure that the template coupon is not used by anyone: template-coupon-private

  4. Configure the coupon with the desired settings. Set the type, discount, product limits, etc. These settings will be used when the unique customer coupon is created: template-coupon-data

  5. After creating the template coupon, go back to your automation.

Using the placeholder

When you create the message, include the placeholder. When the email is sent, a unique customer coupon will be created.

You'll see a new placeholder


We created a separate article with detailed usage instructions for the placeholder.

When the email is sent a coupon will be generated:



There are some filters intended for advanced users which you can use for example to change the default coupon prefix or the coupon code length. Please read this article in order to use customizing customer coupons.

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