- Generates a unique customer coupon

This placeholder is part of a premium add-on in ShopMagic PRO: Customer Coupons.


Use {{ }} placeholder to generate and display the unique and personalized customer coupon.


Place {{ | template: 'example' }} in any field that supports placeholders. For example, an email message.


  • template (required) - choose a coupon template that will be used to generate the customer coupon
  • expires (optional) - number of days the coupon is valid for after being generated
    • default: if left blank the expiry from the template coupon will be used
  • prefix (optional) - prefix for the generated coupon
    • default: sm-
  • limit (optional) - number of times the coupon can be used
    • default: 1



This placeholder does not have any fallback. If it is used with the template coupon that does not exist, it will display no content.

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