Send Email

Send Email action is used for sending an HTML email using a template. You can use the default WooCommerce template or create your own from scratch.


  • Description - Created for your reference only. Thanks to the properly set description, you will be able to distinguish one action from the other.
  • To - Field where you are setting the recipient's email. The easiest way to do it is with a placeholder {{ }}, but you can also enter an actual email address here and send it to you employee or yourself.
  • Subject - Enter a subject line for your email. It's also possible to use placeholders here.
  • Heading - ShopMagic supports email heading text in the WooCommerce template, which can be entered in this field.
  • Template - WooCommerce email template is set by default. You can also choose not to use any template and start from scratch.
  • Message - Enter your email here. You can choosefrom a visual and text editor. This field also supports media files, available in your WordPress library. To take the full advantage of the message, we highly recommend using placeholders here.
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