Using Slack add-on


  • A registered (free or paid) account on Slack.
  • A Slack app added to workspace (instructions below).

Creating Slack App

The Slack API uses OAuth 2.0 to validate all connections, so it is necessary to set up an app in order to connect the ShopMagic Slack add-on with your workspace.

  1. Go to your Slack Apps admin.

  2. Create an app by clicking on the Create New App button: create-new-slack-app

  3. You'll see a form with:

    • App Name: set a name for your app, i.e. ShopMagic.
    • Development Slack Workspace: select a workspace to which you want to add integration.


  4. When you are directed to next page, scroll down to see App Credentials: slack-app-credentials

  5. Your app has been created. Please do not close this page, because you will also need it in the next step.

Fill in app credentials in ShopMagic settings

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to menu: ShopMagic → Settings → Slack.
  2. Fill in the form to get started. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from your Slack app that you created in the previous step and save settings: woocommerce-slack-credentials
  3. When the Client ID and Client Secret are saved, copy the callback URL that is visible above the form. It should look like this
  4. Go back to your Slack app that you created before.
  5. In the sidebar click the OAuth & Permissions link: slack-app-oauth
  6. Enter and save your callback URL as shown below: slack-app-callback-url
  7. Next, scroll to Scopes and in the Bot Token Scopes section add: channels:read , groups:read, and chat:write: slack-app-scopes
  8. Go back to ShopMagic Slack settings in your WordPress dashboard.
  9. You will be able to connect, click the Connect with Slack button: woocommerce-connect-slack
  10. You will be redirected to Slack. When you see permissions screen, click Allow to proceed: woocommerce-slack-permissions
  11. You will be redirected back to ShopMagic Slack settings. You will notice a success message: woocommerce-slack-successful-connection

General Settings

After a successful connection you will be presented with some general settings.


You can set up some default values. You will be able to override these when you configure your automation.

  • Default Channel
  • Default Name
  • Default Emoji


Additional options

  • Debug: you can enable logging important information to WooCommerce logs.
  • Test Notification: you can send a test notification to confirm that everything is working as expected. In order to be able to send a test notification, please select the default channel.
  • Reload Channels: if you have added a new channel and it\'s not showing, this will refresh the list.

Adding a new Slack automation

In order to add a new Slack automation, please follow the steps described here.

When you scroll to the Actions meta box, you will be able to add Post to Slack action:


  • Message: create a message that will be sent to Slack. You can use placeholders here.
  • Channel: select a channel to post to.
  • Name: enter a name that will appear next to the message.
  • Emoji: enter an emoji for the message.

If you do not fill channel, name, or emoji fields, defaults from general settings will be used.

When the selected event occurs a message will be sent to your Slack:


You may also read more on how to send notifications from Slack with ShopMagic.

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