Why aren't my email automations being sent?

Some hosting providers may have limited support for your website’s generated emails and can block emails from our plugin from being sent out.

Are WooCommerce standard notifications sending successfully?

If you’ve encountered any issues with automation email notifications being sent out, first try to make sure that standard WooCommerce Order notifications go out successfully. If they do not, the issue is probably somehow that your web host is refusing to send out emails from your site and thus you should contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Have you checked the Spam/Junk folder?

If your WooCommerce emails are being sent but ShopMagic automation emails are not being sent, please check the spam/junk email folder of the test guest email account. Usually, you’ll be checking out as a guest and using your personal account to test WooCommerce emails, and testing ShopMagic automation emails is no different. If you notice that WooCommerce standard email notifications are landing in your inbox, but ShopMagic emails are landing in your junk/spam folder, then the issue might have to do with improving the deliverability of your store email address.

Email Deliverability Score

Please test your WooCommerce "From" email address using the following website to test the deliverability of that email address: mail-tester.com

If you end up with a score below 6, there’s a chance that emails from this address are landing in the junk/spam folder because most email providers don’t trust that the email address really belongs to you - even though on some occasions, they’ll still let certain emails go through if they see that it matches a recognizable template like a WooCommerce email. To fix this, you need to follow the steps at mail-tester.com to improve your email deliverability score.

When all else fails

If you’re receiving WooCommerce standard emails ok, but not ShopMagic, and if ShopMagic emails are not landing in your junk folder, then it’s possible that your hosting provider may not like to allow emails sent utilizing the WP-Cron, a function of WordPress that our plugin utilizes.

To overcome this issue, we recommended bypassing your hosting provider’s transactional email system by utilizing a plugin that can send site emails through SMTP (using your email provider) or through one of the following transactional email providers and their corresponding WordPress plugins:

  • WP Mail SMTP - Setup your Gmail or Outlook email providers to send emails on behalf of your WordPress site
  • Postmark (Plugin) - Our personal favorite - we use this for all of our site emails
  • SendGrid (plugin) - Popular transactional email provider
  • Mandrill (plugin) - For Mailchimp customers only, so if you’re a user of Mailchimp this is a great option because it’s free for you
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