Email tracker

This feature requires ShopMagic 3.0 plugin version

ShopMagic has a built-in email tracker, which lets you check the open and click rates of all the emails sent through the plugin. The email tracker is available in the Logs tab, along with Outcomes and Queue. There are two ways how you can filter the view of tracked emails - Per Automation and Per Customer.

Filter emails per Automation and Customer

As you can see, besides the Automation/Customer column, each filter has three associated stats, which are emails delivered, open rate, and click rate.

  • Emails delivered is the number of emails that landed in your customers' inboxes.
  • Open rate is a percentage value of how many of the emails were actually opened.
  • Click through rate is also a percentage value. It gives you an overlook of how frequently your customers click on specified elements.

These stats are also available as a chart in your dashboard.

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