This feature requires ShopMagic 3.0 plugin version

Dashboard is the command center for all of your automations. It contains few types of information, and obviously, lets's you create a new automation right away. It is part of the new UI, introduced in ShopMagic 3.0. New Dashboard! Here's a bit more information, what you'll find when you open the plugin:

  • Welcome section, where you can create new automation
  • Three charts. These charts show Outcomes, Emails statistics and Active carts for the last 30 days
  • Shortcut to the latest articles available on our blog
  • Easy access to our documentation, with direct links to the most popular articles
  • Tip of the month section, where you'll see very useful, but not so obvious tips and tricks available in our plugin
  • Quick links, which you can use to manege your marketing lists
  • Outcomes log
  • Few recent stats about cart, Queue and guest users
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