Placeholders usage guide

Placeholders are one of the major tools used when creating automations with ShopMagic. They are basically "merge tags" similar to "shortcodes" and can be used to insert dynamic content into fields such as the content or subject of an email.

A few examples of placeholders which you can use in ShopMagic:

  • {{ customer.first_name }} - will be replaced with the customer's first name from his WordPress account, i.e. John.
  • {{ }} - will be replaced with order total in the store's currency, i.e. $275.
  • {{ order.date_paid }} - will be replaced with the date when the order was paid, i.e. 2020-02-02. Date format will be according to your WordPress general settings.
  • {{ order.products_ordered_review_links }} - will be replaced with a list of ordered products with links to the reviews tab.

How to use placeholders?

Just copy a selected placeholder from the metabox and paste it into a field:

Placeholders usage guide

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