Using Twilio add-on

Twilio add-on for ShopMagic lets you send automated SMS that is triggered based on a chosen WooCommerce event.

After installation, this add-on adds a new action to your automations: “Send SMS with Twilio”.


ShopMagic core plugin and a functioning Twilio account are required for this add-on to work. After installation you will have to finish the setup by filling the fields in the ShopMagic -> Settings -> Twilio tab.

Setup - required fields:

  • Twilio Account SID
  • Twilio Auth Token
  • Twilio Number

The above Twilio credentials required for the add-on setup should be available in your Twilio account:

Example use cases:

  • Abandoned cart SMS
  • Promotional SMS with a coupon code
  • Transactional messages sent by SMS

New actions added by this addon:

  • Send SMS with Twilio
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