Using WooCommerce Bookings add-on

The WooCommerce Bookings add-on for ShopMagic lets you create automated emails for the following booking events: status changes and upcoming bookings.

After installation, new Bookings-related events, filters, and placeholders will become available in your automations. No additional setup is needed.


ShopMagic core plugin and an official WooCommerce Bookings extension are required for this add-on to work.

ShopMagic Advanced Filters add-on is not required, but it enables the Bookings-related filters for use in your automations.

Example use cases:

  • Confirmation email after a booking is accepted
  • Reminder email about upcoming booking
  • Thank-you email after a visit with a review request
  • Personalized, resource-related emails (e.g. different email per location)

New events added by this add-on:

  • Booking Before Event
  • Booking Status Changed

New filters added by this add-on:

  • Booking - Resources

New placeholders added by this add-on:

  • {{ }}
  • {{ booking.status }}
  • {{ booking.meta }}
  • {{ booking.end_date }}
  • {{ booking.start_date }}
  • {{ booking.cost }}
  • {{ booking.people }}
  • {{ booking.product }}
  • {{ booking.resource }}

You may also read more on how to customize WooCommerce Bookings emails.

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