Using Review Requests add-on

ShopMagic Review Requests add-on does not have any global setting, so after installing and activating the add-on add or edit your automation.

ShopMagic Review Requests adds two powerful features to your automations.

First, you can create and send an automated review request to your customers. In this automation, you can use dedicated placeholders that will automatically redirect the user to the review tab of a specified product in your store:

When ShopMagic Review Request is active, you'll see new placeholders available in the placeholders meta box:

order.products_ordered_links. This placeholder will display ordered products with links to product pages.order.products_ordered_review_links. This placeholder will display ordered products with direct links to review tabs on product pages.

Placeholders available in the ShopMagic Review Requests add-on have templates, which you can use to show your products differently. Currently available templates are:

  • bulleted list,
  • comma-separated list,
  • grid (2 or 3), which lets you use product images.

Secondly, the ShopMagic Review Requests extension adds a new event Review Published. You can use it to create an automation, which will send an email when a customer reviews your product.

In this automation, you can use one of two add-on-specific filters:

  • Review - Product (if you want to limit your automation to a specified product)
  • Review - Rating (if you want to send your automation to those customers who review your product with a specified rating. For example, when a customer reviews a product for 5 stars.)
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