Running automation on request with Manual Actions add-on

In most situations, ShopMagic automations will help you communicate with your customers basing on their actions (abandoned cart, submitted form or new order). Yet, we know that there may be moments when you will be willing to reach out to your customers, i.e. with the brand-new sale, you've prepared. To fill that need, we've created ShopMagic Manual Actions.

What will Manual Actions give you?

Activating this add-on will provide you with a bunch of new special events, or rather triggers to compose your bulk messages. The actual number of new events varies, depending on other activated add-ons, but in general it will enable for you the following triggers:

  • Order Manual Trigger
  • Customer Manual Trigger
  • Cart Manual Trigger (requires Abandoned Carts)
  • Membership Manual Trigger (requires ShopMagic for WooCommerce Memberships)
  • Subscription Manual Trigger (requires ShopMagic for WooCommerce Subscriptions)
  • Booking Manual Trigger (requires ShopMagic for WooCommerce Bookings)

How to create and trigger Manual Action?

In order to create an automation using manual action trigger, create and setup automation the same way as usual. Choose your event (from Manual Trigger group), add necessary filters and actions you would like to perform.

When choosing some Manual Trigger event, you will see an additional metabox above automation publishing toolbox. The button says Preview and run actions.

When you are done with setting up your automation, publish it and click this button. You will be redirected to Manual Actions screen for previewing your automation. On this screen you will see list of customers applying for the automation you set up and what action would be triggered by running this.

If you are ready to run your automation, execute it by clicking Run actions now! Your actions are now added to the queue, and will be executed.

Using with Delayed Actions

You can also schedule your manual automation to run, whenever you need - it's definitely better to plan in advance a bulk message for holidays, than to await for the perfect moment to push the button. Luckily, Manual Actions seamlessly integrates with add-on Delayed Actions - you can use it as usual to schedule your automation!

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