How to use ShopMagic with Google Sheets

Our free extension to ShopMagic - ShopMagic for Google Sheets enables you to easily connect your WordPress site or WooCommerce store with popular spreadsheets. Send your Customer order data to a spreadsheet or save any form submission with ease to name a few examples of usage.

The add-on requires ShopMagic.

Install ShopMagic for Google Sheets

You can download the plugin from the WordPress repository, just head to the Add plugin section in your WordPress installation and search for ShopMagic for Google Sheets.

To install this extension you need our core plugin, ShopMagic, which also comes for free!

Configuring Google Account with ShopMagic

To communicate our plugin with your spreadsheets you need to authorize our app to access your account data. Don't worry, we are only reading and updating your sheets data. You will find configuration options in the ShopMagic settings screen with the link to retrieve the access code.

ShopMagic Google Sheets settings, focused on access code section

Our plugin is incredibly easy to set up - just follow the authorization link in the settings tab, allow our app to access your data, and paste the code. Hit the save button and you are ready to go!

Saving WordPress data to Google Sheets

After successful configuration, in the automation editor, you will see a new action in the list - Add row to Google Sheets.

Setting up the action is pretty simple. You have a few fields to fill:

  • Spreadsheet - a list of all your spreadsheets associated with a Google account
  • Spreadsheet Tab - (aka. worksheet) select the tab where you want to save data
  • Is the first row a header - if yes, you will see labels from your first row, otherwise you can manually add as many rows as you need
  • Fields - the juice of the plugin - you can add there any placeholder you want to save to Google Spreadsheet

Basic configuration of add row to Google Sheets action

Now, you are ready to integrate your WooCommerce store with Google Sheets in a nice and easy way!

You may read more on how to send data from WordPress & WooCommerce to Google Sheets (with a free plugin).

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