Outcomes (logs)

Outcomes are ShopMagic’s logs. Outcomes register all the emails sent from ShopMagic plugin, and present information in a table form:

ShopMagic 2.26 version added an option to clear the Outcomes. You can select single or bulk select group of logs, which you can then delete

  1. ID - Internal ID number.
  2. Status - Automation can receive Completed or Failed status. Completed means that ShopMagic properly sent email. Failed, means that something went wrong. To troubleshoot a potential issue, check the last column - Options.
  3. Automation - Title which you chosed for your automation.
  4. Customer - Full name of customer, and additional information whether it is a guest user or not. Sometimes, you can see a “No customer has been provided” information here. It means that this particular automation used no customer.
  5. Action - What type of Action was executed.
  6. Date - When your automation was executed.
  7. Options - Here you’ll be able to view logs of this specified automation. Logs contain useful information, especially if they are connected to the automation with Failed status.
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