Lists (opt-ins and opt-outs)

With Lists, you can manage your marketing opt-ins or opt-outs and make sure that you actually have the customer's consent to send marketing emails.

List types

There are 2 types of Lists in ShopMagic:

  • Opt-in. These Lists require the user to give consent to be subscribed. For example, one can do this in the checkout by ticking a checkbox or on the account page.
  • Opt-out. All new customers will be automatically subscribed to these Lists when they place the order and haven’t previously unsubscribed from it. We are not recommending using these Lists, especially for the EU customers, however, we wanted to include these features for some specific cases you might have in your WooCommerce store.

Subscribing to Lists

There are a number of ways your customers can subscribe to lists: In the checkout:

On the communication preferences page or in the account:

Or automatically when they place the order (only for opt-out lists).

When you add a new List, there are a number of settings that you can configure:

Opt-ins and opt-outs

When your customers (or guests) start to subscribe to ILists (or unsubscribe from them) you will see a handy list with all opt-ins and opt-outs. There is also a search that you can use and in future, there will also be an import feature to import emails from other sources.

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