The Carts tab becomes visible in the ShopMagic’s menu once the ShopMagic for Abandoned Carts add-on is installed and active. In this tab, you can view and check all of your customers' carts and carts statistics.

If, for some reason, you do not want a specified cart or carts to be visible on the Carts tab, you can safely delete them.


Here’s a summary of all of your carts:

  • Recoverable orders are carts with the status abandoned. These carts can still be recovered.
  • Recoverable revenue is the sum of all recoverable carts.
  • Recovered orders is the number of successfully recovered carts.
  • Recovered revenue is a sum of all successfully recovered carts, which changed into actual orders.
  • Recovery rate is a percentage value, of how successful your automations are in recovering carts.

Cart statuses

A cart can have one of four statuses: Ordered, active, abandoned, and recovered.

  • Active - Initial status. When a cart is created, it receives active status. The cart will be active for as long as the customer is checking your website plus the time set as abandoned cart timeout.
  • Abandoned - The cart is abandoned if a customer becomes inactive, but still has some products in the cart. Inactive means that one left the store or closed the browser. ShopMagic’s automation is triggered for carts with the status abandoned, after the time set as abandoned cart timeout. For example, if you set abandoned cart timeout to 10 (minutes), ShopMagic will trigger automation 10 minutes after the last customer's activity in your store.
  • Recovered - If the customer receives an email from ShopMagic's automation, and then finalizes the order (e.g. by clicking on a {{ }} in the email), such a cart changes its status from abandoned to recovered.
  • Ordered - The cart is ordered when the customer’s order was placed and ends up with a product purchase in the same browser session. ShopMagic’s automation for recovering abandoned carts was not triggered, as there was no need to. These carts are excluded from the statistics.
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