What are the differences between ShopMagic and WooCommerce notifications

WooCommerce can be used to send follow-up notifications. That is true. However, it lacks some basic functions, which you will find in ShopMagic:

  • Support for orders with Pending payment status. You can use Order Pending status as a trigger for your automation.
  • Outcomes. ShopMagic will log all of your outgoing emails.
  • Filters. Thanks to Filters, you can create different automations for different products.
  • Placeholders. More than 50 dynamically assigned placeholders are waiting for you in ShopMagic.
  • HTML support. You can use any HTML template in each of your follow-up emails.
  • BCC field. Add a hidden recipient of your messages to your automation.

All of the above-mentioned features are available in the free version of ShopMagic.

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