Unsubscribe link is not working

If you added {{ customer.unsubscribe_url }} placeholder to your automation, and it's not redirecting customer to the Communication Preferences webpage, there's a chance that this page could be accidentally deleted. Here's a quick guide, how you can resolve this issue:

  1. Go to your pages listing in WordPress dashboard and find page you want to use for Communication preferences. If necessary create one.
  2. Get the ID of the page (you can find it by entering the editor and looking for ?post={ID} in URL). Make sure content of the page contains shortcode [shopmagic_communication_preferences]:
  3. Log into your database management interface (e.g phpMyAdmin).
  4. Search for option_name shopmagic_communication_account_page_id in wp_options table.
  5. Update value with the ID of the page you selected in step 2.

This solution is also applicable if you are adding a link to unsubscribe in the message footer.

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