Is ShopMagic working retroactively

Once you publish your first automation, ShopMagic will start triggering it if an event selected in the automation occurs. By default, ShopMagic automations won't trigger for past orders. If you want to reach your past orders with newly created automation, there are two ways to achieve it:

  1. With the ShopMagic Manual Actions PRO add-on. If you install and activate this add-on, you will get access to a few additional events, like Order Manual Trigger and Customer Manual Trigger. Use them to create an automation, to reach any past order or customer. You can create an automation to target all of them or use filters to send your e-mail to a precisely selected group of customers or even individual customers.
  2. Workaround solution, available in ShopMagic free. Let's assume that you created automation for order completed. If you have past orders (placed before ShopMagic's installation) with any other than order status, then if you change it to order completed status, ShopMagic will treat such an order as a new one, and trigger the automation. That way, you can manually change the status of any order, and revert it, to force ShopMagic to trigger your automation.
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